New rent for SSSB tenants negotiated for 2019

Stockholms Studenthyresgästers Förening (SSF) (in English,
the Stockholm Student Tenants’ Association) and Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB) have reached agreement on the rent levels for 2016.

From January 1st the rent increase will be 2,1 per cent for accommodation units in SSSB’s housing stock. Since the
agreement for the rent increase refers to calendar year and is distributed monthly, the rent slip for February contains
the new monthly rent and the retroactive increase for the month of January.

The exception from this year’s rent negotiations is the newly-built apartments in the property Furiren 2 in Solna, Nya Strix,
where the rent is increasing until summer and the property Kölnan 15, Embla, which is negotiated individually.