As a tenant you can also actively participate in influencing your local living environment. This can easily be done through your Local Tenant Organisation. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know other residents of your building/house and gain valuable credit for your contributions that can help you in your future career prospects.

The Local Tenant Organisations are non-profit organisations that are linked to their respective residential areas, made up of enthusiastic and engaged tenants, representing the residents of each respective local area. The associations exist to promote the interests of their respective members on issues relating to accommodation and the living environment of the respective residential area. It is completely up to you as to how much time you contribute to the association and how much you want to get involved.

The Local Tenant Organisations are also responsible for club rooms, saunas and gyms where you live. Without an operational Local Tenant Organisation, these activities will no longer be available. Landlords have the right to close common areas if a Local Tenant Organisation ceases to exist, and as such, it is really important that you help to keep the group active and alive!

Each Local Tenant Organisation has the right to apply for money every year from the so-called association grant funds provided by the landlord. The main requirement for the Local Tenant Organisation to receive this grant is to have a fully functional group i.e. a fully functional board.

This money can be used for various activities in your local residential area, including: retrofitting buildings; the purchase of furniture and equipment; running a gym; and/or organising other entertainment for the benefit of local residents, such as house functions or movie nights.

Links to the respective Local Tenant Organisation’s websites can be found to the (right)/(left). If there is no active organisation where you currently live, you are more than welcome to start one! For more information, see ‘Starting a Local Tenant Organisation’.