Important information for student tenants

Home insurance:

A home insurance is like a package of a variety of insurances to keep you protected from problems that can arise for you in or around your home environment. It can protect you against costs for damages caused by burglary or theft, if you get assaulted, claims for damages caused by you and if there should be a fire or water damage in your apartment/house. Without a home insurance you will be responsible for costs to restore damages to the apartment. Several insurance companies have discounts for students, so there is no reason not to have home insurance. Unsure of your insurance coverage? Contact the insurance company you are familiar with and see what they can offer. You can also ask your landlord and/or your university for contact information to different insurance companies.


Every fault in your apartment/room or if you experience any problem with your living conditions due to disturbances should be reported to your landlord via their customer service channel/”Felanmälan”. For emergent matters look for contact information to out of hours emergency services or house keeper during office hours. You as a tenant are obliged to report any faults and problems regarding your apartment/room. It is also important since you as a tenant can be eligible for a rent reduction due to the fault/problem for the period from which you made your landlord aware of the matter until it has been solved.

If you have any questions or problems regarding this please contact us for further information.

Local tenant association:

In most of the student housing areas there are local tenant associations run by the tenants themselves. They make sure that the common rooms, such as gyms, party rooms, saunas etc are made available and kept in good conditions for everyone living in the house/area. They also have different activities for the tenants in order to create a good atmosphere where they live. Please contact us for more information and contact information to your local tenant association.