Welcome to SSF!

Stockholm’s student tenants association is your tenant association if you live in a student accommodation within SSSB, Kista student living, GreenDoor or Lurius at Telefonplan.

SSF is a politically independent non-profit organization with the aim to make your living situation more pleasant. Our main task is to negotiate your rent and other rental conditions with your landlord, inform you about your rights as a tenant and assist you in the contact with your landlord.

SSF is also an umbrella association for the local tenant associations. The local tenant associations consists of enthusiastic students in each residential area. 

Through your local tenant association you get the opportunity to influence your living situation. The local tenant associations aims to increase the well being of your residential area by organizing social events for the tenants, be responsible for renting out association premises and other facilities like sauna, gym etc. You can read more about local tenants associations under the tab ”Local Tenant Organisations”.

If you have any questions, comments or need our assistance, please contact our tenant agent Michael on: ombudsman@ssfstudent.se or 0707-64 03 12.

Mail and applications will be sent to the following address: Stockholms Studenthyresgästers Förening, Box 6256, 102 34 Stockholm.