Frequently asked questions

Association premises:

Who rents out the association premises?

The local tenant associations handles the renting and maintenance of the association premises. To get in contact with your local tenant association you can either contact us, look out for information in the entrance of your building or search online.

Who has the right to use the association premises?

It’s only the tenants within the residential area or other SSSB tenants with valid rental contracts who has the right to rent /use the association premises. The local tenant association is responsible for renting out the association premises to the tenants within the residential area on equal terms.

Who is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the association premises?

The local tenant association is responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the association premises. If you rent the association premises from the local tenant association you are obligated to leave the premises in the same condition as when you got access to it. Renovations are handled by the SSSB. Interventions, smaller renovations, repainting and such must be approved by SSSB before they are taken to action. The work must be carried out in a professional manner.

It is the local tenant association´s response that evacuation routes and such not are being blocked and that general order, hygiene, noise etc. occurs in accordance with applicable laws and other regulations.

Who pays for the cost of störningsjouren?

If störningsjouren for some reason has to show up, the bill will be sent to the local tenant association. It is therefore of importance that the deposition of renting the association premises covers the cost, if störningsjouren has to show up. Contact the landlord for current the amount.

Is it necessary to take out an insurance for the association premises?

SSSB has a customary property insurance of the property. However, this insurance does not cover the equipment owned by the local tenant association, stored in the association premises. Therefore shall the local tenant association take out a separate insurance for that equipment. Contact different insurance companies for offers of what type of insurance you need / terms that apply.

Application for association grants:

Who can apply for an association grant?

Local tenant associations that has at least 75 % attendance on SSF:s council meetings.

How much can my local tenant association apply for?

The size of the grant is dependent on how many apartments the residential area consists of.

The local tenant associations with less than 100 rooms in a corridors/ apartments can apply for 15 000 kr in ordinary local tenant association grant. Other areas with more than 100 rooms in corridors / apartments – contact SSF for the current amount.

When can we apply for the grant?

The local tenant associations can apply for the ordinary association grant once during the financial year, from 1th of January to the beginning of December.

How long does it take before we receive the money?

The grant is applied for via SSF but is paid by SSSB. The processing time varies from one week after the application is submitted to about four weeks. The local tenant association doesn’t get any notification from SSSB when payment is made so keep track of the payments to the account. In case the payment gets delayed please contact us.

Can we apply for an extra grant?

Yes, all the local tenant associations have the possibility to apply for an extra grant if the work within the association requires so and the association can’t cover their costs with the ordinary grant. 


How much should the members of the board in each local tenant association get paid?

Employer’s contributions shall not be paid on compensation to a person if the compensation that is paid during the year is less than 1 000 kr. Consequently, fixed and variable board fees should not exceed 1000 kr per financial year.


How is the work in the local tenant associations governed?

The work in the local tenant associations is primarily governed by a the statutes. Next to the statutes comes the decision of the annual meeting. Then the board’s decision. The board is always responsible for their decisions presented to the annual meeting.

How do I start a local tenant association?

The answer to this question is pretty long, you can read about it here —>.