Welcome to SSF!

Stockholm’s Student Tenant Association is a representative body for those who are students and are living in student accommodation with SSSB, Kista Student Accommodation (Kista Studentbostäder) or Lurius at Telefonplan.

SSF is a politically-independent and non-profit organisation who strive to achieve a better and more pleasant housing environment for students. Our main responsibilities include: negotiating rental rates and your rental conditions with landlords; informing you of your rights as a tenant; and assisting you with contacting your landlord.

SSF is also an umbrella organisation for the Local Tenant Organisations – the local associations, made up of enthusiastic residents just like you, that represent each residential area looked after by SSF.

Through the Local Tenant Organisation you can become actively engaged yourself in order to improve the local living environment. In addition to providing an avenue to improve your own rights, Local Tenant Organisations are also in place to increase the comfort in your neighbourhood through organising social activities for residents; and being responsible for the rental of club rooms, saunas, gyms, etc. In order to find out more about your Local Tenant Organisation, please refer to the Local Tenant Organisation section of this website, or click here

Do you have any questions, comments or need assistance? Please contact our ombudsman Michael at – ombudsman@ssfstudent.se or call 0707-64 03 12 (10.00-16.00 Tuesday to Friday).